Everyone has an inner world – a world filled with aspirations and dreams, fears and anxieties – which they may or may not be privy to. Often there is a ‘disconnect’ between this inner world and the external world we live in, the larger “social” world that we function in.

While the reasons for the ‘disconnect’ may be varied, it is important to note that this ‘disconnect’ can be the underlying cause of various illnesses and distress – which may manifest as physical sickness or psychological disorders – that are endured at sometimes, a very large, personal and social cost. Considering that humans are social beings, this ‘disconnect’ impacts the larger socio-cultural fabric as well, leading to several societal problems that we see today. Hence healing the disconnect or fostering ways by which the inner world can be synchronized with the external world becomes imperative both for the health of the individual and society.

The certificate course “Psycho-social Well-being using Multi-arts and Play” aims to introduce multi-arts and play as aids to reconnecting with oneself and the world we live in. The objectives of the course are:

  • To understand the value of play in human life and become proficient in using it in various settings
  • To comprehend the theory and practice of various forms of art and how these can aid healing

To expand one’s own consciousness through realizing capabilities of self and exploring a realm of learning possibilities

What is Play?  Why is it important ?play

Generically, play is used to describe activities that are recreational, enjoyable, seemingly without a specific purpose and without lasting impact. Popularly, play is often denigrated as being part of the “child’s world.” 

In fact, play is an activity that is intrinsically motivated, enjoyable, and self-directed, and is valuable for the all-round development of not only children but adults as well. Over the past few decades, several studies have found that play is crucial for the physical, cognitive and emotional health of a person.

In the certificate course, we will learn:

  1. What play is and its various forms
  2. How play is critical to the physical and psycho-social health of an individual
  3. How play can best be facilitated
  4. Play through the course of human life
  5. The unique situations of facilitating play in the Indian context
  6. To envision and plan play environments relevant to various contexts

Why Multi-arts?

Since ancient times, the arts have been used to promote well-being and health. In this certificate course, we will explore these various media while seeing how they contribute to:


  • Creative expression – verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Body and spatial awareness; breaking inhibitions
  • Increasing awareness of self and the world we live in
  • Group dynamics, creating openness within group settings and empathy
  • Freedom, discipline and accountability
  • Abstract reasoning and risk-taking
  • Understanding aspirations – personal and professional

Who is doing it?

It is a journey partnered between a not-for-profit working to enhance positive mental health and a university dedicated to service through creative and empathetic involvement in the society.


HEADSTREAMS started in 2008. It was founded by a team of community development experts, educationists and mental health professionals.  It focuses on promoting self-reliance and facilitating community development through the promotion of creative learning skills to enhance positive mental health. Headstreams has been recognised as one of the pioneers in re-imagining learning and innovative education practices.

Christ University Logo

Christ University, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto of excellence and service. It strives to reach out to the star of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit for excellence and the efforts blossom into ‘service” through creative and empathetic involvement in the society to transform it.


Date (2015) Session Content
June 20 Theatre and Story Creation Who am I and about myself
June 27 Play Basics of play
July 4 Play Play and health
July 11 Visual Arts Creations are in the process and hurdles that add colour and patterns to our lives
July 18 Dance and Movement Exploring the space around us and the language of our body
July 25 Voice and Rhythm Making melodies
August 1 Play Play at various stages of human development
August 8 Play Play facilitation
August 29 Play Play in India
September 5 Play Vision for play
September 12 Theatre and Drama Change
September 19 Multi-Art Concluding session
Theory sessions will be held on Saturdays from 9 am – 12 pm at Christ University in the 1st Semester. Field experience sessions will be held at the Tackle Caravan in the 1st and 2nd semester on Saturdays.

Students are encouraged to attend all the theory and field sessions of the course. However the minimum requirement to complete the course is:

  • 75% attendance for the theory classes
  • 75% attendance for the field sessions

100% submission of all assignments and reports

Psycho-social well-being using Multi-arts and Play Manual 2015-16 


Psycho-social well-being using Multi-arts and Play Manual 2015-16

Download (pdf)