Play in learning –  Arivu Disha


Arivu Disha our flagship program under play in learning works at building life skills early on in school going children, helping them prepare the challenges they face as they grow wings. The program also focuses on building self awareness and their cognitive and social skills.

Launched in 2015, Arivu Disha is a unique program for students from Government schools that encourages play based life skills learning. Arivu or  “to know” focuses on students from 6th to 8th grades that aims to improve English proficiency as wella s digital literacy amongst students using tech based tools like tablets. This not only makes them familiar with technology but also builds their confidence in communicating in English.

Today Arivu is being effectively implemented across 30 schools in Bangalore, Hoskote and Kolar.

Disha or “Direction” on the other hand is meant for students from class 9th-10th with an aim to prepare them to face the after school challenges. They are introduced to various academic opportunities and vocational training equipping them to be able to make independent and suitable choices about their future after school.

Disha is being implemented in 3 schools across Karnataka.

Play in health –  Soukhyam

IMG_20151113_151006As proponents of bringing in play for positivity in every stream of life, Headstreams realised health is one area where there is a critical need for play to be introduced. Apart from medical and psychological support, we felt recovering patients who are likely to have gone through a traumatic phase in life need to be attended to with care and love, so that they have the space to rejuvenate in a positive environment.

Thus was born Soukhyam, our interventions in the area of health. Soukhyam works through well known health  care institutions. The program works closely with caregivers as well as patients using play to create awareness about the importance of positivity to make recovery a pleasant, peaceful and optimistic experience.

Today Soukhyam is a well recognized and accepted program being implemented at  Kidwai Hospital in Bangalore.

Play in community –  Tackle Caravan

Communities are one place that children spend most of their time in after school –place where their surroundings and environment play an influential role in moulding their personalities. Given the vulnerabilities that young children from underprivileged communities can be exposed to, we created programs within communities that uses play to set positive influences in a child’s life. We call this Tackle Caravan.

Apart from need based programs like summer camps, the main objective of Tackle Caravan, our program in communities is to encourage children to thrive in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with – their community.

We work in government school premises and shelter homes,  to connect children within communities after school hours. This irrespective of whether the children from the community go to school or don’t. Weekly programs not only provides children a safe space to learn, but to also express themselves and develop life skills, so important for them to successfully overcome obstacles and survive.

The program offers children a range of activities right from music to story telling to crafts and dance to make learning and growing up a playful experience. But the uniqueness of the program lies in the fact that it is children who decide when they come, what they learn and how they learn.

Tackle Caravan is also a vibrant platform that facilitates cross sectional learning. Intensive internship projects are conducted for a period of 6 months. The students to whom we offer certified courses actually get an opportunity to experience and understand the ground realities of what they learn in their courses. Each Saturday for 6 months our interns get a first-hand experience of using play to bring out the best in children.

Till date over 175 interns undertaking certification courses through us  have used Tackle Caravan as a learning ground where they gain practical experiences of what they have learnt.

Play in academics

The most effective way of maximising our reach, we realised is to equip more trainers into bringing in play for positive change. Thus began our venture into transforming our tried and tested learnings into curriculum based courses.  

We work with well-known educational Institutes to provide undergraduate and post graduate courses to students so that they are able to carry forward our belief in bringing change using play.  We began by offering specialised courses in nursing and teacher training. The positive response encouraged us to expand our courses to provide under graduate, diploma and post graduate level courses as well.

Tie ups with Institutes like Christ University, xx xxx, bear testimonials to our capability in tailoring such courses.