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 A two pronged program to improve learning outcomes & career prospects of school children in Karnataka

This is a 4-year program being led by Headstreams, funded by the Mphasis F1 Foundation and supported by Phicus Social Solutions. There are two components of the Program, Arivu and Disha.

The VisionArivu Disha Vision

The vision of the program is to create a world where children have opportunities to realize their potential to live a positive, confident, purposeful and socially enriching life.

Through this program, Headstreams hopes to promote opportunities for children to explore, experiment, experience and enhance their capabilities in an environment that fosters security, empathy, freedom through skilful means and social interactions.

Key features of the program

life-skills-Ola Life-Cycle Approach

• Focus on Enabling skills – Reading and Comprehension, Digital  Literacy, Life Skills – that have been proven to positively impact  learning outcomes

• Leveraging – Digital Learning, Self Learning, Experiential Learning, Peer Learning
• Innovative program design and complete kits for Arivu and Disha
• Transition to school teachers to enable program sustainability

Program Objectives
  • CaptureTo improve English language skills in listening, speaking and reading
  • To provide tools for making informed decisions in career choices & life decisions
  • To make English language functional, relevant and meaningful and to foster of the joy of learning
  • To explore and develop three domains of living and learning –affective, cognitive, and social skills
  • To increase awareness of self and others