‘Aalamba’ (help & support) is a livelihood initiative working towards empowerment of women through Self-Help Groups. The programme provides a platform for sharing livelihood needs, identification of interests, aptitude and skills and a centre for training and equipping the members for various livelihood units, coupled with the practice of micro-savings and internal lending.

Community Mobilisation

It provides a platform for woman to explore and express their potential through the formation of Self Help Groups(SHGs). It also acts as a support system, helping them become financially self reliant and bringing about awareness about important issues. Read More

Trainings and Workshops

A wide spectrum of Trainings and Workshops are conducted with the SHGs. Some of the sessions conducted with them are: –

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Livelihood Development

The main focus of aalamba livelihood development initiative is organising and facilitating the formation of livelihood units. People from low income background are trained and equipped to undertake small and viable business for their livelihood. The key strategy of the programme is to establish self-help groups (SHGs) in low income communities. Through these SHGs, entrepreneurs are identified, trained and helped to start their own livelihood units.


Vidhyaabhivrudhi is an education initiative of headstreams, which started as a part of our work with Self Help Groups. It is a community and social sector partnership that has benefited over 200 children. Read More

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