Aim : To fold the fingers as the song is sung and the player who finishes folding all the fingers wins.

Outcome : Concentration, fun

Materials Required : Nil

Game Description :

This game is played with 5 to 6 people in a group. The players start by keeping all their fingers on the ground but not the palm. One player will point to all the fingers and sing “Akkad bakkad bumbe bo, aisi nabbe pure so, sow mein nikhala dhaaga, chor nikal ke bhaaga.” Wherever the song ends, that person will fold that finger until all his/her fingers are folded. The player who finishes both their hands first will win the game.

Variation: This game can also be played using the Bengali version of the song with the same concept. The Bengali rhyme is as follows-
“Ikir mikir Cham Chakkir chamer kata mojomdar de elo damo daar Daamo daar-e hari kuri duare boshe chaal kuri chaal kurthe holo bela bhat khai ni dupur bela bhate porle macchi kodal diye chanchi kodal holo bhota khaikshiyaler matha”


Aim: To get the last touch when the song finishes is out of the game.
Game Description: The game is played with a team of 10 members. The game is started by playing the song – Avallaki pavalakki, kanchina mina mina, dam duum das pus, koai kotar
Initially everyone must keep their left hand on the floor. One player sings the above-mentioned song and he/she keep on touching the hands of every other team members by singing the song till the song gets over. When the song finishes, the person who gets the last touch will be out / eliminated. The same continues till everyone gets eliminated, and at last one will remain and they will be announced as winner.