‘Tackle’ provides opportunities, particularly for those from under privileged backgrounds,  to explore and develop their capabilities through creative means and healthy social interactions. This in turn will facilitate and promote positive and healthy frames of mind for children.

Genesis of Tackle

Our partnership with SHG members and their families set us thinking about other key areas that affected their lives and community at large. One such area which was repeatedly brought to the forefront pertained to the children and their education.

During the months of April-May there was a mad rush among our SHG women for loans as opposed to other months.  This was the time when schools would open for admission. When a survey was conducted in 2011 to assess how the women in the SHG spent their savings, it was found that a lion’s share went into their children’s education.Keeping this in mind, we started the Vidhyaabhivrudhi scheme.

The very purpose of “educating” also has several challenges associated with it. The result of several needs assessment sessions relating to education helped us identify these key areas:

  • The structure and pressures of mainstream schooling often take away the joy of learning resulting in schools becoming ” fearful”, “boring” and “meaningless” places.
  • The projected benefits of mainstream schooling, such as admissions into “good” colleges and securing well-paying jobs often bypass children and youth from challenging socio-economic backgrounds.
  • In many cases it fails in teaching children basics of reading,writing and usable mathematics.
  • The community’s confidence in government schools has greatly eroded ; their endeavour is to send their offspring to expensive private English medium schools , which they can ill- afford.
  • In trying to do well and “succeed”, the children become the victims , the problem , the incapable -thus seriously an irreparably harming self -esteem and sowing seeds of fatalism and long term discontentment with self and society.
  • The teaching in schools is geared to “testing” , rather than “learning”.
  • The perspective nature of the content suppresses creativity, quells the spirit of natural learning and promotes rote learning.

In response to this, headstreams initiated the TACKLE program that helps children and youth explore their inherent potentials in a joyful, encouraging and secure environment. Tackle embodies learning through creative methods and at the same time promoting a healthy mental frame of mind.

Why Tackle?TackleMan title=

Tackle looks forward to empowering and providing children, particularly from under-privilaged background, with opportunities to be able to see the magic through diverse means of articulation and expression. This will inturn facilitate and promote positive and healthy mental frames of mind for children and give them their world the value and respect that is their due.

Tackle aims to develop and provide a more holistic learning experience for children and youth which will help them explore and understand concepts, develop skills and grow as individuals, contributing positively to the society around them.

Tackle reaches out to children through different programs such as:

  • Tackle Caravan
  • Tackle Summer Camp
  • Tackle Fest
  • Tackle Child Resource Center
  • Tackle School Partnership
  • Tackle Out-of-the-Box
Tackle Caravan Poster 2013

Tackle Caravan

A camp on wheels carrying resources and volunteers visiting different areas in the city spreading excitement and the joy of learning.Children will have free access to sports kits, a library, a talking corner, arts and crafts, music and many more fun activities facilitated by volunteers. Read more


Summer Camp Logo

Tackle Summer Camp

An annual camp organised for students of various age groups. The summer camp is held for a short period of either 1 week or 10 days.The activities featured in the camp are designed around the core theme of Postive Mental Health. It actas a medium for children to express their thoughts while at the same time explore their creativity.Many of the activities in the Summer Camp revolve around Art, Dance, Theatre and Music. Volunteers and Children beat the summer heat through fun and games, at the same time encouraging articulation. Read more

Tackle Fest 2013Tackle Fest

A creative platform for interaction and learning, Tackle Fest is an education festival held in different colleges of the city. Students from different government schools visit college to gain an understanding of the opportunities available after they finish school. The students also explore the fun aspect of learning through creative demonstrations from their curriculum. These demonstrations are put up by volunteers from the colleges in stalls.Read more

Tackle Child Resource CenterTackle Resource Center

 A proposed activity of Tackle is a child resource center located in slums where children are free to walk in, spend time, play, interact with people (volunteers, experts from various fields, counsellors etc.), discuss, debate, and explore their world.

Tackle School Partnership

Tackle School Partnership

 Another proposed activity of Tackle is an intervention that looks forward to taking school administrations on board and partner with them in facilitating a positive mental health environment for the children and creating healthy teacher-child relationships.