Play & Learning

The need of the hour is to create courses that enable and empower students to make important and satisfying choices related to their lives. This is what we aim to achieve through the courses (Psycho-Social Well-Being using Multi-Arts and Play) we provide to students with the hope that they are able to carry forward our belief in bringing about change using play.

PG Diploma

1 Semester Program

Headstreams offers a PG Diploma in Psycho-Social Well-Being Using Multi-Arts and Play – Facilitating Learning for Change

PG students usually have some clarity on their vision and future career paths. As psychology students, they will be gearing towards working with various people groups in enhancing their psycho social well being. Through this course, these future professionals can be equipped with the additional/ alternative tool of play and multi art to help them in realizing their vision with the society.

It is being offered in association with Christ University since 2015-16.


Certificate Course

2 Semester Program
2 Semester Program

Headstreams offers the Certificate Course in Psycho-Social Well-Being Using Multi-Arts And Play – Facilitating Learning for Change.). As UG students transition from school to college, they tend to experience emotional turmoil and go through phases of adjustment, trying to explore and establish an identity of their own.

Through this certificate course, the students can experience opportunities to understand themselves better and be better adjusted psycho socially which will help them in their future.

It is being offered in multiple colleges across Bengaluru – St. Joseph’s (Autonomous) College (since 2013-14), Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (since 2015-16)

And Mount Carmel College (since 2016-17)


3-4 Days Workshop Program

The students are exposed to a period of optimizing learning and experiencing well-being in their own lives through the practice of play and creative art techniques through a workshop format of 3 -4 days.

It is being offered in association with Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science since 2016-17.

Aalamba Malur Program commenced in the year 2014 by headstreams. The objective of this program is to provide the youth in rural Karnataka with opportunities to identify their abilities and skills which will help them to lead a purposeful life. Looking at the socio-economic background of the community, the level of education of the members is very low because most of them discontinue school after receiving Secondary Education. The reason for this discontinuity was identified as disinterest in sitting in classrooms where they are made to study but not learn. This program follows a different approach for learning where they are equipped and prepared for real life situations and aims at holistic development of the community.

3-4 Days Workshop Program

Aalamba Internship

1 year Internship Program
1 year Internship Program

It’s a 1 year internship program which focused on students from The Government First Grade College, Malur.

The objective of this program is to provide Spoken English, Basic Digital Literacy and Life Skills.

The internship focuses on providing experiential learning opportunities and focused skilled development through project based methods for these students to enhance employability and facilitate informed career and life decisions.

Courses for pre-service teachers

Since Headstreams advocates using playful learning as a key approach in education, it was felt that the change has to occur within the system, and what better way than to train those who are preparing to enter mainstream education as teachers.

The BEd. and DEd. students of Malur are being trained through an experiential course

To introduce them to the play way and equip them with related facilitation skills in order to ensure that they adopt this approach in classrooms as they begin work.

1 year Program

Certificate Course

3 Year Program
3 Year Program

Bachelor’s in Vocational Education (B.Voc.) in Software Development.
Headstreams offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development. This programme is conducted in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education (TISS – SVE).

It is a three year programme recognised by UGC and the certification is awarded by Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Participants are mentored and given practical work exposure by employees of TCS.This course is offered to students who have completed 12th standard or equivalent. The programme is designed for rural youth who are seeking a professional degree to enhance their skills and improve their socio – economic conditions.

This course is particularly useful for students aspiring to pursue careers in Software, Application Designing, Web Designing or in other technology related areas.

The USP of the B.Voc. model is the exploratory learning approach that is used in the sessions and its focus is on solving real world problems as part of the work – integrated model.