Aim : To ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions only and to keep track of the number of questions asked

Outcome : Creative thinking.

Materials Required : Nil.

Game Description :

Select one person to begin the game. For each round, this person must choose any person, place, or thing in his/her mind. After the person, has chosen a person, place, or thing, the guessing begins! The other players take turns and ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what is the answer. The questions must be answered with simply “Yes” or “No.” (For example, Is it an animal? Is it big? Keep track of the number of questions that are asked until it reaches the limit of 20. After that, the players are asked to guess the answer. The game is continued by thinking of the next person, place or an object.


Aim: To answer the questions asked without saying ‘NO”
Outcome: Alertness
Game Description: This is basically a question game, as the instructor should come up with Yes/No questions and ask the players. The players are not allowed to say ‘No’ to the questions asked, if “No” has been said by any of the player, he/she will be considered out of the game. The person who lasts the longest without saying “No” gets to be the winner of the game. Instructor will ask questions like:
Is he wearing a blue shirt?